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Fee starting at
$18 for Residential,
$25 Commercial

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We cover an area from Wytheville, VA to Knoxville,TN.

Existing Customers: City Of Johnson City, City Of Norton, Va, Ups Stores, Exxons, Citgo,Chevron, Med-Tech Park, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Industrial Parks, 911 Centers, Tennessee Historic Buildings, Etc.

When an emergency at your home or business occurs, you can rest assured that, with your system being monitored, the authorities have already been called and dispatched to the proper location. An alarm sounds! Instantly your security system transmits an encoded digital signal to an emergency communication center. There, a sophisticated computer decodes the signal. Seconds after the activation, all crucial alarm information appears on an operator's screen for immediate verification and dispatch. Trained professionals are available around the clock 24 hours a day to give you the protection you deserve."

We are always watching over your family and business.

We monitor and service other security and fire alarm systems.

Switch over to night owl security’s ul central station monitoring for only $15 (Residental), $20 (Commercial) A Month, Billed Yearly
Lifetime warranty on your existing or a new security system, as long as it's monitored.
Security experts recommend customers deal with locally owned companies (not a franchise), who offer a UL Certified Central Monitoring facility to their customers. Night Owl Security meets this criteria.
Over fourteen years of experience locally owned and operated
We are not a franchise and do not sell your account!
24 hour ul certified central monitoring station, fbi background checks, and certified all employee's

24 hour service services provided are,

Let me introduce myself; my name is Ron Peltier, owner of Night Owl Security. I have been in security/construction industry for over 17 years. I helped build one of the oldest and largest security companies in the area, before starting my own company in 1998. I now work with over 80 contractors all over the region. I have BS in Electronics Engineering, and I'm very knowledgeable on many security and fire alarm products that will assist you in giving you the best workmanship and the latest technology.